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Using Fall Colors to Decorate Your Apartment

Don’t want to deal with rotting pumpkins? Don’t have anywhere to store a bunch of decorations? No problem! By decorating your home with the right colors, you don’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on purely decorative items. This Fall bring out the reds, oranges, and yellows for a cozy and functional home!

Step 1. Use the décor that you already have that may be stored away.

These can be things such as blankets, pillows, flowers, etc.

Step 2. Hit the shelves!

You don’t have to go to pricey stores to make an apartment look spectacular. Orange and white artificial flowers are sold at dollar stores, rustic buckets and drawers can be found on thrift store shelves, and buying pillow covers or making your own can certainly decrease the price and increase the value of your favorite pillows!

Some trends to look out for are plaids and wools. These will have your home feeling cozy in no time!

Step 3. Have fun switching out the decorations, step back, and enjoy your not so hard work!

By changing just a few things in your apartment to fall colors, designs, and fabrics, your apartment is ready for company without the clutter of over-the-top decorations.

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