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The Dreaded HVAC Filter!

The simple HVAC air filter is the Akeles heel of most air conditioning units in the summer! When the weather first turns to scorching, as it so often does, in June in South Carolina a few air conditioning units start to go down at our apartment complex. In almost every case the resident has never changed the filter in the HVAC unit. Yep, that little thing we tell them about at the time of move in and say, "make sure to change it every season"! Its caked with dust from the past four years, sucked into the unit and the AC is frozen up outside. If you are a homeowner or apartment resident you can save yourself a hot weekend until the repairman can come by simply changing your filter in many cases. Change your apartment's air filter each month or at least once every three months. If you don't know how to change your filter call your apartment management or HVAC tech. Also, a changed filter keeps your air cleaner, lessening allergens and making dusting easier. Buy your filters in packs and date each filter when you get them home from your local box store.

Stay cool our friends, North Gate Apartments!

Here is a handy video on how to change most HVAC filters...

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