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Multipurpose Rooms

Apartment living is great… until all your relatives come to visit at once. Having a multipurpose room helps utilize space for your benefit. Your home office could quickly turn into a guest bedroom or a playroom for the kids. Here are some things that might help transform that room into everything you need it to be.

Futon or Daybed

These can function as a couch for the day, and a bed for the night. Purchasing multipurpose furniture that is easily convertible will instantly change sitting space into sleeping space.

Desk or Table

These don’t have to be some big bulky item that you would normally see in an office, but a small desk or thin table is enough to be used for office space during the day, but also gives guests a surface to place their things on.

Simple Wall Decorations

Using a room for multiple things can get confusing when it comes to decorating. Try to use simple decorations so you don’t overcrowd the space or make it seem cluttered. A mirror or a few family pictures will do fine.

50/50 Storage

If you have a spare room in your apartment, it’s typically used for storage. However, to be able to use it for multiple purposes, try to use 50% of the space, and leave 50% for guests. This will help them feel welcome, enhancing their overall stay.

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