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To Rent? To Buy?

The decision to purchase a house or rent an apartment is one of the biggest decisions you will make in life and for your budget. Renting and buying both have pros and cons. Buying a house builds equity, however, it comes with many pit falls. Home ownership includes city and county taxes, insurance and upkeep as well as landscaping and home maintenance. When owning a home you must budget for the eventual roof replacement, HVAC replacement and multiple renovations as the home ages.

Apartment living allows you to remove the burdens of maintenance, taxes and most insurance. Residents often have 24/7 support from the property manager. If you have a leak or a problem the issue is generally covered by the property owner and not your pocket book. Complexes maintain your landscaping, re-roof your home periodically, pay for exterior lighting, trash pickup, as well as a whole host of other customer friendly services. Apartment homes are usually more energy efficient than a house allowing you to save money on your utility bills. Most apartments provide a free pool and other amenities that would require large overhead and upkeep for a homeowner.

North Gate Apartments feels the choice of renting an apartment is excellent for anyone who does not want the expense of home ownership.

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