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The COVID Effect- Apartments as Home, Office and Sanctuary

COVID, has effected us all in every level of society. Everyone on Earth went through the lock downs, but how has the pandemic changed apartment living? Many trends have developed over the years only to be accelerated by the pandemic.

A general trend during the last decade has been a steady increase towards working from home. At North Gate Apartments our guest rooms have seen a steady change from a second bedroom, rarely used, into an office. Great room used as living and dining rooms have steadily become a multipurpose room for living and working. Years ago, few desks were seen in our community and now most residents have some form of work station in their home. Then, enter the pandemic and now many of our residents are using their apartment as their full time living and work environment.

How does this change your home, when home is the office and the commute is down the hall? Increasingly, we see rooms created as dedicated work spaces, but we are also seeing people take time and expense to make their homes a comfortable sanctuary. More investments are being made in good and comfortable furniture, serene lighting, sound systems, technology and outdoor living especially during the height of lockdown when money for transportation, travel and eating out was available for spending in the house where you spent most if not all of your time.

A general trend in apartment living is less turn over. Many residents no longer need to move to find the perfect job when they can telecommute to Los Angeles from Orlando or work for any institution around the world from the comfort of their home. One of the most asked questions for potential residents is the availability and bandwidth of internet on our property. If you are working from home and streaming media then good internet service is a must! Thankfully our service at North Gate Apartments is excellent allowing so many of our residents to work from their apartment.

When your home is your office how do you escape and not go completely insane? For apartment dwellers the property of the complex might be just as important as the amenities in the unit. Increasingly properties are being built with gyms, retail shops, walking tracks and more. At the very least you will want a complex with well appointed grounds, lawns and swimming pool to allow you to take a break outside. Comfort in the home is more important that ever before. Gone are the days where most people only sleep in their home. The house has become restaurant, spa, gym, movie theater and, more and more, the office.

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