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Spring into Spring!

The winter can be a cozy time for apartment living but as the weather turns warmer you will want to get out and enjoy spring fever. Here are a few ways to enjoy the spring in your apartment.

1- Open Your Windows

On days when pollen is light open your windows to let in warmer breezes and air out your apartment.

2- Florals and Pastels

Placing florals and pastel pillows around your apartment home and bringing in colorful cut and live flowers is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Placing a few Easter decorations around like colorful eggs and bunnies gets you in a springtime mood. Changing your drapes to sheer fabrics welcomes warmer weather.

3- Forcing Bulbs and Tree Limbs

Witness the arrival of spring first-hand by forcing bulbs inside in a decorative bowl of stone. Cut limbs of flowering trees to force them to bloom. Simply place limbs with unopened buds in a vase of water. In a week or so with the warmth in your apartment you will have a floral show!

4- Grill Out

It might not be summer but on warmer days cook dinner on the grill in your complex courtyard or common area. If you don't have an outdoor grill, try a grill pan on the stove. Nothing says warmer weather like grilled veggies and meats.

5- Plan a Garden Road Trip

When spring's flowers really show off, take a weekend visit to a local garden. Near Anderson, SC we are fortunate to be in close proximity to some of the most beautiful gardens in America. North Gate is only some 15 miles from the South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson, SC. Some other gardens in the Tri-state area include; Biltmore Estate, Middleton Plantation, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Gibbs Gardens, Brookgreen Gardens and so many more! Also, check out surrounding towns that offer garden tours and festivals.

6- Host an Egg Decorating Party

Get to know your neighbors better. Plan a pre-Easter Egg Dying Party and invite some of your neighbors. Adults and kids in your apartment complex alike will enjoy this fun idea. Or organize a Saturday egg hunt at your complex for the kiddos.

Happy Spring from North Gate Apartments!

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