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Some Serious Study Space

With school starting back and work getting busy, creating a space in your apartment for studious activities is a must. Whether it’s claiming a spot at the kitchen table or sitting in a corner in your room, having a designated sit-down-and-work area proves to have psychological benefits.

Clearing distractions and minimalizing interruptions can improve productivity as well as happiness. Even if your kitchen counter is your place to study because you can see the T.V., you may want to reconsider. The noise can be distracting, and you can get things done much quicker without it. Having privacy can decrease emotional exhaustion because you’re not worried about being supervised by others or what other people are doing.

Picking a spot that is clutter free will also improve emotional energy because you’re not worried about the million other things on your To-Do list. We suggest placing only necessary, and some personalized, items on your desk or workspace. These can include: laptop, paper, pens, other office materials, a framed photograph, and a small plant.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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