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North Gate's Mission

A business is not just about the production of money, if it is, that business will leave you empty and unrewarded. North Gate Apartments has been a family business and in many ways a ministry for Christ in the Anderson, South Carolina Community. North Gate has sheltered many families from newly married to seniors and in between through various seasons of life. We hope we have enriched the lives of those who reside in our community of 52 apartment homes. Looking to the future, reinvigorating, renewing and restoring North Gate, it was time to create a mission statement and guiding principles.

Mission Statement

The mission of North Gate Apartments is to create an environment of rest and rejuvenation where our residents can renew themselves mind, body and spirit in a place they consider home. We strive to offer excellent and responsive service in the multi-family rental market for a price that is reasonable. Fostering kindness and mutual respect of all peoples, genders, races, religions, orientations and ages within the highest standards of business ethics is our guiding principle. We aspire to provide quality housing allowing our residents to live well and experience the best life possible no matter their life stage.

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