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Buy FREEDOM by Renting

Why buy a home? Why rent? Both are good choices but the best choice for you depends on how you want to live your life. Many Americans, especially middle-aged to seniors, choose to have large sums of disposable income to spend traveling, eating out or on their kids and grandkids. Downsizing after the kids leave the nest is an increasing trend. If this is your situation, renting might be the best choice. Younger adults too may wish to defer the expense of caring for a home, such as grass cutting and home maintenance to have more cash and time to enjoy life or pay off student loans. If equity building is on your mind, consider other investments likes stocks, mutual funds, and bonds as a way to build wealth as opposed to primarily investing through the purchase of a home.

The American dream is no longer exclusively the suburban home with the white picket fence. Increasingly, Americans are choosing to spend their income on experiences and less on the acquisition of things. Your dream may be to live downtown or close enough to walk to work and not own a car. You may choose to have an apartment with a view that you could never afford in a single home. You may want to spend your cash traveling the world or on your hobby. You may simply not want the expense and hassle of home repair and maintenance that takes up hours each month. If you want to stay mobile, apartment living makes movement to another city or job much easier than home ownership. Regardless, chase your dream and break the mold. Be free to make your home anywhere and we hope you will choose North Gate Apartments in Anderson, SC.

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