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Build A Pool Caddy

Updated: May 30, 2018

Going to the pool at your apartment complex is one of the joys of apartment living, but who wants to be constantly running back and forth to their apartment home for something they forgot? To that end, what makes a great pool bag? Make certain you have your favorite drink in a thermal drink holder be it water or your favorite spirit. Then, a big beach towel is a must and a great lounge chair. Headphones are a great choice to listen to your tunes without disturbing your neighbors along with your phone and a good book or magazine or two. The float, did we mention the float? You are going to want to float around and get some sun. You might want to invest in a few acrylic glasses or a red solo cup in a pinch, who wants to get glass in the kiddos' feet? And most important of all don't forget the suncreen and sunglasses.

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