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Anywhere, Anytime Side Dishes

Too much food to cook and not enough room to cook it? Here are five foods that can be baked, stirred, or slow cooked and still taste amazing. Your apartment's kitchen can be chef's kitchen if you just take a moment to consider your ingredients to always have on hand.

1. Pasta

Macaroni and cheese is a favorite around Thanksgiving and can be baked like a pie, creamed on the stovetop, or cooked in a crockpot. Try different cheeses or adding a secret ingredient like bacon or spinach.

2. Greens

Green beans, asparagus, and broccoli are all healthy side dishes that can be made into casseroles, pan fried, or steamed. Try mixing them together and adding some seasoning for your own touch!

3. Potatoes

Whether baked and topped with butter and cheese, mashed and creamed in a big pan, or chopped and cooked in a crockpot, potatoes are a must-have side that practically go with anything!

4. Carrots

Some like them hot, some like them cold. If you’re trying to cook carrots, you can throw them on a pan in the oven, boil them on the stove, or slowly cook them with rosemary for a savory flavor or with brown sugar for a sweet treat!

5. Apples

Whether made into a side or into a dessert, apples are wonderful treats—especially with brown sugar and cinnamon on top! Slice them up for a pie, or dice them into bite size pieces to fry or slow cook.

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