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4 Ways to Get Your Apartment in the Christmas Spirit

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

The Holidays are here and it’s time to bring out the stockings… but they look a little out of place when they’re the only decorations you have.

Ideas for decorating your apartment for Christmas

Here are some decorating ideas to get you in the Christmas Spirit:

1 Colorful Plants

Sprucing up your apartment with some green or red plants can easily add color and holiday spirit. Some of our favorites are pine, poinsettia, cactus, holly, and mistletoe. Use live or silk!

2 Christmas Lights

Popular for lighting year-round, white Christmas lights offer unique hanging options or try some LED candles for sparkle.

3 Unusual Wreaths

While storing wreaths can take up too much space, try getting unusual wreaths that can stay up all year round. Some ideas are wooden, ribbon, or floral. Live are always great, also!

4 Table Top Trees

With the space constraints of an apartment home a table top tree can be just the ticket. Not only are they easier to store, put up and take down they take less ornaments to decorate.

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